Which is The Best VPN for Businesses?

The utilization of a VPN is a necessary step especially for businesses either big or small. Businesses have assets such as private records of millions or even billions of personal information that will be very devastating and destructive if stolen by identity thefts and utilized by criminals in a wide variety of ways.

Online data breaches are very common problems and challenges that businesses encounter as they can have remarkably catastrophic consequences. With the extent of cyber-attacks in the year 2018 alone along with staggering data from the previous years, indeed, it has become imperative for a business to use VPN in order to prevent unwanted data leaks. Without the use of a VPN, all data recorded by the business will be very vulnerable to attacks from all fronts- from expert hackers to cyber-criminals, the data will never be safe.

Business VPNs greatly differ from VPNs used for personal purposes. For one, a dedicated server solely meant for your business will result in greater reliability and higher speeds ensuring the optimization and maximization of your business’ operations. A dedicated IP address will also allow employees to access the server from any part of the world, thus it provides convenience and maximum mobility for international businesses. Business VPNs also features the ability for multiple connections as multiple employee counts is a common characteristic of various businesses.

In looking for the best VPN for your business, you must consider a lot of factors and choose VPNs with unlimited bandwidth, extremely fast connections even with equally extreme data traffic, and state-of-the-art encryption. There should also be a dedicated IP server and IP address and these servers must operate in a location that is proximate to your business’ physical location in order to assure optimal results and speed.

There is a wide variety of business VPNs available in the market, each with their own features and benefits.


NordVPN is another game changer as it has multiple features such as its ability to unblock Netflix, lightning-fast speed, strict no logs policy, 24/7 customer service and military-grade encryption among others. It has over 5, 000 servers across in 62 countries all over the world and with its 24/7 technical support lead by a dedicated and hard-working account manager, users can expect optimal results. You can read some of NordVPN review from tons of sources. All of them are stating that this service has always been one of the most leading VPN providers for businesses.


PureVPN can give the best options both for small and big businesses. It even has a Christmas Special featuring the lowest price ever at only $1.32 per month on a 5-year plan. PureVPN prides itself as the world’s fastest VPN service and a trusted option with a 31-day money-back guarantee. With this world-class VPN service, users may access unrestricted and instant content such as movies, TV shows, sporting events. Security and anonymity are also assured through VPN IPs, military-grade encryption and a global network of VPN servers. With its blazing, fiery and fast speed, many remarkable feats can be achieved and used for every and any purpose. PureVPN is also very flexible and accessible despite its tight security as it allows the login of up to 5 devices simultaneously. The 24/7 technical support that its staff offers also assures the user of assistance at any time of the day especially during moments of crisis, issues, and problems. PureVPN employs more than 2000 servers all over the world and its wide global network is strategically spread to surely overcome any kind of restriction. PureVPN also features secure wi-fi connection making any public wi-fi secure for the use of data.


ExpressVPN, on the other hand, offers great benefits such as super-fast connection speeds, unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC and more, over 1,500 servers across 94 countries, no download or bandwidth limits, supports torrenting and P2P activities, advanced security features, excellent 24/7 support and a 30-day money-back guaranteed.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access or PIA advertises itself as one of the most popular and mind you, cheapest VPN service there is. Because of its popularity, PIA has over a thousand satisfied users all over the world. They have about 3000+ servers from 33 different countries. This service is one of the most ideal choices for businesses who have just started up. Having a lower price than the most reputable provider is one of their edge aside from providing an easy user interface for beginners and a very long list of amazing features.

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